Hello everyone!

With winter coming on there are plenty of clear, still mornings for Adventure Flights in the Winjeel.  Between flights the aircraft is undergoing a progressive refurbishment of the cockpit instruments.  Some are being replaced with refurbished units more in tune with the aircraft's heritage.  This will enhance passenger's experience of aviation from another era.

For operational reasons, I am not offering flights in the Moth Minor until further notice.

Work is continuing with development of the Benalla Aviation Museum (and our associated Men's Shed).  There have been positive developments with grant applications for our organisation, and we intend to put the funds to work with improvements to the Men's Shed element of our community group.

My autobiography, called Written in the Sky, is selling well and reviews are positive.  It is available from Melbourne Books , and I am sure that any aviation enthusiast would find it an entertaining and informative read.  It is not only about me, but also about all of the wonderful aircraft I have had the privilege to fly during 45 years of military and commercial aviation. Signed copies are available at the Museum for $35 including GST.

Best Wishes,