A standard Adventure Flight goes for twenty minutes airborne ('wheels off' to 'wheels on'), after paperwork, equipment fitting, briefing, strap-in, start, taxi, engine runup and checks.  Longer or shorter flights may be available by arrangement.  Multiple flights with different passengers may also be arranged.

Gift vouchers are available for that special somebody!

Please see the DISCLAIMER and FAQ for legal requirements. Bookings are essential.

Aerobatics (loops and rolls) are available in the Nanchang, and the Winjeel when we carry one passenger. These are at no extra cost.

Please remember that all flights are subject to pilot availability, aircraft serviceablity and suitable weather. The Moth Minor will not be operated in temperatures over thirty degrees Celsius.  Persons of a large stature may be unable to fly in the Moth Minor.


The following price is applicable for a standard twenty minute flight:

Winjeel, one passenger:                $360

Winjeel, two passengers:              $390 (total)

Moth Minor, one passenger only: $260 

Nanchang: please visit superiorairadventures.com.au or contact Ian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0402 082 182

Prices include GST.

All money raised by our Adventure Flights goes into keeping these historic aircraft flying, and your support is deeply appreciated!