Hello everybody!

The countryside around Benalla is pleasantly green, even with a dusting of snow on distant peaks of the Dividing Range.  With occasional foggy, rainy or cloudy weather, flying is a little subdued, however there is still the occasional outstanding day for flying, free of the summertime 'bumps'.

I have reviewed some pricing for flights on the 'Costs' page: Downwards!

Ian Lilley also operates his Nanchang aircraft from the Benalla Aviation Museum.   Military Air Training Heritage and Ian's company, Superior Air Adventures work together to continue to provide an exciting and historic Adventure Flilght Experience, and we are working toward formation flights and simulated Air Combat Manoeuvres.  There is lots of information on Superior's web site: Superior Air Adventures .  That web site is currently being overhauled to make it a little more 'interesting' and we hope to have it on line soon.

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