Moth Minor in turn 

Military Air Training Heritage Pty Ltd, proudly supported by the Benalla Aviation Museum, located at Benalla, Victoria, Australia, is dedicated to the display, operation and preservation of historic military training aircraft, and to education about aircraft in general and aviation history.  The company operates a CAC 'Winjeel', and a rare de Havilland DH-92 Moth 'Minor' (pictured above).  A Nanchang CJ-6A is operated by an allied company, Superior Air Adventures Pty Ltd.



Flights are available for the public from Benalla Airport in these wonderful machines; unique opportunities to experience historic aviation and the environment in which young military pilots learned to fly and fight. Adventure Flights are conducted under the approval of the Australian Warbirds Association Limited (AWAL).

Whether you are interested in historic aircraft or you are considering an Adventure Flight, you are most welcome to browse the site, in particular the Gallery where we are progressively posting images for your enjoyment.

Should you have any queries or wish to arrange an Adventure Flight, please contact us!  Also, for other attractions at Benalla, please visit .



Mark Carr, pilot and Sole Director of 'Mil Air', carries out Aviation Public Speaking in Victoria.  For a small fee and travel costs, Mark can present the story of his challenging, varied and lengthy career in military and airline aviation, and the wonderful aircraft that he has flown, in a humorous and informative manner along with imagery.  

Please contact Mark for further information.


Aircraft in hangar

Aircraft takeoff

Aircraft nose